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Download Mites Fright 2019 Official Rules (PDF)


Mites Fright 2019 Tournament Rules

The Mites Fright Tournament will follow USAH’s 8U half-ice set-up for all games, making use of ADM boards at center ice.  The tournament runs Friday through Sunday, initial games will be played in a jamboree format. Consolation games, finals rounds and Gold/Silver/Bronze Championships will be held on Sunday. 

-  The initial jamboree games will be played in 22-minute rounds.
-  A faceoff will take place at the start of each game and after a goal is scored. 
-  Buzzer will indicate shift changes at 2-minute intervals. 
-  Benches will be shared so please be mindful & respectful of players as they exit and enter the ice. 
     >   Players entering the ice should be given right-of-way to avoid collisions at the bench doors. 

-  Pucks will be picked up by the Ref during a shift change and tossed at the boards once players are safely on the ice.
-  Ice cuts will be listed in the schedule at approximately 90-minute intervals.
If your team finishes a game just prior to an ice cut, RYH asks that one member of your coaching staff remain on the ice after the teams exit for their locker rooms to assist with the moving of the ADM boards.  Thank you in advance for the support.  Without the assistance we risk running behind.

-  Scores will be kept at every division.
>   Points will be earned per period as shown
          2 pts for a game win                     split 2 pts [1 pt ea] for a tie at the end of the game

In case of a tie, head to head, goals against, goals for will determine who advances to the play-offs.

Following the jamboree round, if there are enough teams within a division to allow it, 5th & 6th place will play a 22-minute consolation game.  There will then be a finals round with 1st place playing 3rd and 2nd place playing 4th.  Winners of the Finals round will play for Gold & Silver in the Championship game.  The other two teams in each division will play for Bronze. 

- Gold/Silver & Bronze Championship Games will consist of:
          >   three 12-minute periods, running clock, 2-minute buzzer for shift changes   

                -  in the event of a tie in Gold/Silver/Bronze games:          

(a)  a shoot-out will occur if time permits on the ice clock
            (b)  a coin toss will determine the winner if time on the ice has expired.

Referees, coaches and players are all human beings who are not perfect and not expected to be so.  Rochester Youth Hockey and Bill Gray’s Iceplex will NOT TOLERATE the mistreatment of anyone before, during and after tournament play.  Violators will be removed from the property and not permitted to return for the duration of the event.  PLEASE KEEP IT POSITIVE and FUN!





All rules established and published by USA Hockey shall apply, except as modified herein.  Teams or players that violate the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance provision are subject to disqualification from the Championship Game and/or removal from the Tournament.  

Mites Fright is a House Tournament. Teams may enter the October 18th-20th weekend, to be chosen to correspond to the level of play that they compete in during the regular season. The Tournament Director reserves the right to place a non-house team, to fill out a bracket, when it can be shown that the team under consideration has been playing at a level comparable to the other house teams in the bracket. This change has been made due to the proliferation of travel teams, who find themselves overmatched in travel leagues, and in reality are no better than house teams.

  1. Teams or players who misrepresent their qualification can be disqualified from the tournament and or championship game. In such a case, no refund will be issued.
  2. Teams must submit a copy of their signed/stamped USA/Canadian Hockey Official Roster for the current season. Failure to submit acceptable documentation or stay in Tournament Hotels (local teams exempt) may result in removal from the Tournament and/or ineligibility for the Championship round.  Non-US teams must have a copy of their Travel permit.
  3. In the event a player is found to be illegal, all games the player in question has played will be declared a forfeit.  A forfeited game will result in the opposing (non-offending) team receiving a 3-0 win and 5 points.
  4. Teams must be prepared to begin all games up to 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
  5. All age division teams will change on the fly.
  6. No player can play for more than one team in the tournament.
  7. Maximum players in a game is 16.  A player must sign in and participate in at least one preliminary game to be eligible for a championship game.
  8. Full equipment (including a mouth guard) is required for all players. (Canadian teams must comply with their association’s equipment rules and wear neck guards.)
  9. Each team is responsible for supplying an adult over the age of 18 to cover their penalty box for their games.
  10. Rochester Youth Hockey along with Rochester Ice Hockey Officials Association (RIHOA) will enforce the “Zero Tolerance Rule” for fighting.  Any player(s) or team official(s) assessed a penalty for fighting WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE SUSPENDED for the remainder of the tournament.  The tournament committee shall review all other game or match penalties.
  11. Please respect the referees.  RIHOA referees will also be utilizing the “Zero Tolerance Rule” when it comes to abuse of an official.  NO abuse of any game official will be tolerated and NO preliminary warning will be issued before a misconduct penalty is assessed.  Parents and spectators are subject to immediate removal from the arena for any abusive or intolerable behavior.  Teams can be requested to put away noisemakers.
  12. If there is an issue regarding a referee or something occurring on ice during a game, teams have one hour after the game to report the incident to the Tournament Director.  Only the Rostered Head Coach will be able to address the issues raised above.  
  13. Mercy Rule: if in the 3rd period, the goal differential is six or more, running clock time will be in effect until the goal differential is 4 or less.
  14. There are NO timeouts for round robin/preliminary games and one (1) thirty (30) second timeout per team during the finals or championship game.
  15. If a tie results between teams after completion of all round robin games (preliminary games), the following rules will be used to decide the winner.  (If more than two teams are tied, start with #2.  Once 2 teams are left, start over at #1.)
  1. Head to head records against each other in the tournament (does NOT apply if 3+ teams are tied)
  2. Win record (team with the most wins advances)
  3. Loss record (team with fewest losses advances)
  4. Goals against (the team with the least amount)
  5. Team with the most periods won
  6. Team with the fewest penalty minutes (minor and major only – misconducts do not apply)
  7. Coin Flip
  1. All championship games must be played.  If one of the teams who qualified is unable to participate in a final game due to unforeseen reasons or disqualification, the divisional runner-up or next qualified team will take their place.  The team unable to participate will forfeit all rights to any and all awards.



2 points for a win                1 point for a tie                0 points for a loss        

+1 point for each period won                        +1/2 point for each period tied

A maximum of 5 points are available for each game.

Mite / Half-Ice Rules (For 2019 Mite Fright Tournament)

The Mites Fright Tournament is running Mite Red White and Blue Divisions which will play Half Ice Games consistent with the mandate for Half-Ice play by NYS Hockey.  The Rules below may be adjusted by the Tournament Director and Tournament Committee to enhance the player's enjoyment of the game.  Changes will be posted and/or all teams participating notified as they occur.  Mites Fright Tournament Rules will apply unless otherwise modified below. 

1.)   Teams: All Half-Ice teams will follow the USA Hockey Guidelines for Red, White and Blue teams with team sizes to follow USA Hockey Guidelines of 9 to 14 players (max 16) and it is strongly suggested that multiple players be allowed to play Goalie.

2.)   Games: Four Half-ice/Mite teams will play on one sheet of ice with 2 teams playing against each other on each half of the ice surface. The games will be played as 5 on 5 plus goalie on USA Hockey Mite Sized Nets (4’ x 3’). No double-shifting of players is allowed if sufficient players (11+) exist for 2 lines.

3.)   Referees: There will be 1 referee per Half-Ice game (two referees will be scheduled per game ice sheet). When an infraction of the rules occurs, the referee will blow the whistle and send the penalized player directly to the player’s bench. The team will play shorthanded for the remainder of the shift and the penalized player cannot return to the game until that shift has ended. The referee will quickly get play going again with a center ice start (just like they do to start shifts). Face offs are only performed at the start of each period of play. After each shift, the referee is to secure the puck and toss to far boards, halfway between the bench doors to encourage a race for the puck as the teams shift. After a goal, frozen puck or at the discretion of the referee, the puck is retrieved by the referee and placed behind the net for a breakout. The opposing team should skate back toward mid-ice so that the breakout can begin cleanly. The referee is not to put the puck in play until the defensive team has fully retreated.  

4.)   Time & Score Keeping: Line changes are made every 1.5 minutes on a buzzer run by a timekeeper.  Game play will consist of three periods, each with 15 minutes of running time (i.e. 10 shifts per period).  There will be a thirty second time-out after the 1st and 2nd periods. Games will end after 48 minutes of ice time, so the third period may contain fewer than 10 shifts if there are delays. Teams will be permitted two minutes of ice time to warm up before game play begins. The score for one half-ice game will be kept on the electronic scoreboard nearest the half-ice game and a scorekeeper for the other half-ice game will be stationed in each penalty box who will post a visible score in minimum 10 inch digits.  No individual player statistics will be kept or awards given. A team will be awarded one point for each period won and two points for winning the game (i.e. a total of 5 points are available in each game). A tied period will earn each team ½ point and a tied game will earn each team 1 point in the standings.

5.)   Championship Games: Gold and Bronze Championship games will be played Half-Ice with no time-outs.  Mites Fright Tournament tie-breakers will be utilized, if necessary, to determine rankings after round robin play. 

 * If a player is injured, game clock will continue to run. Game play will continue on other half of ice.  Game play will stop, with no make-up of time, on the half where the injury occurs. Coaches of each team are permitted to keep their players on for the next shift should an injury occur during a shift.